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 A functional and user-friendly eCommerce website is an intricate tool for any retailer’s channel mix, more so when it is the only sales channel your business has. For this reason, the site has to showcase your products in the best possible way, be user-friendly, responsive, intuitive, and process payments securely. And that’s where SigWeb comes in!

Professional eCommerce web designer in Wrexham

We are a professional web design company in Wrexham specialising in designing and building e-commerce websites using reputable platforms such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress and CS cart providing you with a site that takes care of your business 24/7. From payment processing to product management, we make sure that your online store not only offers a seamless and smooth buyer’s journey but also an easy to manage backend. If you are looking for an eCommerce web design company in Wrexham, look no further because our model offers you a comprehensive e-commerce business solution which makes it possible for your business to establish an intricate relationship with your customers via personalised state of the art eCommerce marketing strategies.

Which Ecommerce web design solutions do we offer?

At SigWeb, our developers are fully equipped to engage your online business at all levels. To achieve this, we leverage a wide array of e-commerce platforms to ensure that we deliver custom and bespoke e-commerce sites as demanded by you. These platforms include but not limited to:

  • Magento 1 and Magento 2
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • CS-Cart Specialists
  • OpenCart

If you already have a site, we can also seamlessly integrate it with any of these platforms.

Not sure which of these solutions is most appropriate for your store?

Contact us today with your business model, target audience, budget and products you wish to sell and one of our experts will be more than willing to advise you accordingly.

What does our eCommerce web design package include?

A competitive and intuitive e-commerce site demands more than just the functionality of a standard brochure site. To be precise, it should allow visitors to create accounts, wish lists and most importantly, complete online purchases securely. In full understanding of this, we build and design sites with advanced features such as consumer pricing, multiple delivery options and the ability to customise and categorise products, among others. Our package includes:

Custom designed e-commerce site tailor-made for your business
At SigWeb, we understand that every business is unique and comes with its own needs and preferences. For this reason, your eCommerce site is built and designed with your ideas and target market in mind. In other words, our role is to transform your idea into something tangible.

User-friendly and responsive sites

A user-friendly site allows shoppers to navigate and browse products seamlessly on your online shop while a responsive one adapts to different screen sizes seamlessly offering your customers the best possible shopping experience.

  • Full content management
    Even after delivering your dream e-commerce site, we will offer you technical support for life. Our design also allows you to update the site in whichever way you would like.
  • A wide range of payment gateways
    We provide all of our clients with a wide range of offsite and onsite payment gateways.
  • Real-time order management
    This provides you with unrestricted access to sales and customer reports and a real-time order book allowing you to auto-confirm and dispatch orders.
  • Full-time customer support
    When you need our advice or help, our professional web designers in Wrexham are only an email or a phone call away. We also like meeting our client’s one on one which gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs with the designers and developers working on your site.

We pride ourselves as an experienced web design company in Wrexham
As a web design company in Wrexham, we are proud of our extensive experience in building and designing eCommerce sites. Having been in the business long enough, we always deliver beyond the expectations of our clients and have the testimonials to back that up. And as a full-service web design company in Wrexham, we offer our clients ongoing support with SEO, digital marketing, email and social media marketing to divert web traffic to your brand new e-commerce site.

If you would like a custom eCommerce site designed for your business, give us a call today or fill our contact form and one of our professionals will get in contact to discuss the details of your project. We are the ultimate web designers in Wrexham and we can guarantee top-notch services beyond your expectations.

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